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Many thanks for your interest in building a beautiful customized model of your boat.
Denis Cartier, our model maker, will contact you to confirm display size, pricing and delivery information.

Howard Learned & Denis Cartier

What We do

Building Exact Scale Custom Models

For many years, we traditionally built models using plank-on-frame construction. Today we are using the latest technology to design highly complex yacht models.

Now we employ the latest technology in building modern yacht models to reflect these complex hull designs and cabin structures using AutoCAD drawings to actually print the hull into a high grade resin. With this technique we can scale the model exactly to the yacht. Each model is hand finished to include all the details of the actual yacht

We are still an excellent builder of wood models and love to add bright work details to custom models of classic sail and power yachts. We build models to exacting standards demanded by the industry's yacht builders and their customers.

I am proud to say that we build a wild range of beautiful models from a Venetian gondola, to a Mississippi work barge to the latest 300' mega yacht. We intend to stay in the forefront of custom yacht model making and while we are at it, have fun.

Please click on any one of our custom models for a sampling and see for yourself.

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Custom Yacht Model Construction

Model is thoughtfully recreated from the real boat using photographs, line drawings, and pictures
Two methods of construction.
We employ the latest technology based on AutoCAD drawings forming the hull with a high grade resin
A model is handcrafted with plank-on-wood construction
There is a naval architect leading a staff of craftsmen from Europe and the Dominican Republic
Accurate deck and hull details are made with innovative materials that include custom brass, silver, and chrome castings
Marine varnishes and polyurethane paint are used in the finishing process

Special Features:

* Certificate of Authenticity or Presentation Certificate
* Each model comes with a LED lighted display case
* Personalized brass nameplate
* The model is mounted on chrome pedestals
* Each model sits on hard wood mahogany finished base with an acrylic inlay designed with a compass rose
* Customized acrylic inlay with the boat manufacturer's logo is available

How do I commission a model?

We will help you fill out a Custom Model Information Form (PDF) so we have the information needed to begin the commission

* Prior to shipping the model photographs of the finished model will be emailed to you for approval
* Allow approximately 6 months for delivery
* Commission begins with a 50% deposit paid by check or major credit card
* Balance is due upon shipment of the model
* Please call 1-877-779-0114 Outside US: 1-809-528-1992 or email at seacraftclassics@abordage.com to answer questions and to get started 

Custom Model Gift Giving

Are you looking for a gift for the 'Man Who Has Everything'?
We have the answer.

In the past year we built a number of custom model yachts that were special gifts for husbands and friends. In reviewing sales of our individual models for the past 12 months, it turns out gifts were the largest single type of purchase.

There is a reason for that, I think. Whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, or some other special occasion (a thank you), many people simply feel more justified in these economic times spending on someone else rather than themselves. We work very closely with our customers to make this special gift-giving possible.

For our part, we love hearing from folks after the gift has been given - here are two from this month:

"He was absolutely thrilled to pieces and has been taking it everywhere this weekend to show everyone. Couldn't be happier.
Thank you so much." -KA

"The model has arrived safely and is really spectacular. Also it arrived on time to surprise [him] for his birthday." -JP 

Anyway, this is a good reminder about the power of giving. Here are photos of some recent model deliveries (they were gifts!). Hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions about our custom models, or just want to "talk boats," give me a call at 1-877-779-0114 Outside US: 1-809-528-1992 or email at seacraftclassics@abordage.com. I'd love to hear from you.
Of course, you can request a quote on a custom model 24/7 at our website.

Denis Cartier

“The attention to detail and paint work is simply top level.."

Jon Williams

Hodgdon Yacht VERDIER - VPLP 100'

ANY VESSEL & any size



Safe Shipping

We designed special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.

Display Case

We have display cases and display tables to show off as well as protect your finest pieces,
collectibles or models. 

Master Artisans

Our Team of craftsmen have been trained for years to become Master Artisans

Sailing Trophies

Dedicated branch for all kind of sailing trophies
Half hull, desk model

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