Riva Aquarama Special 1972 ship model

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Riva Aquarama designed  by Carlo Riva, Italy.

Rolls-Royce of the Sea“, “Stradivarius of Boating” are just some of the phrases that have been used to describe the Riva Aquarama. The Riva Aquarama will forever be worshiped.

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Abordage is licensed by Riva S.p.A. to build this perfect replica.

Plank on bulkhead construction. 8 glossy coats of varnished is applied on the hull to give a mirror finish.

The vinyl and leather use in the construction is purchased at Riva directly to match the real boat.

Drawing has been supplied by Riva for a precise construction.

All the deck fittings are brass chromed in our workshop.

A Masterpiece !

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Weight 53 kg