Tara 45 ft Sloop

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The Tara 45 is a Sailboat model built by Abordage in May 2013.

The real sloop has been designed by J. Bruce Clark.

“Dear Denis and Cynthia

The custom, full ship model of our Bruce Clark 45ft sloop ‘Tara’ has arrived safely and it is sensational. We are thrilled. 
She arrived in perfect condition and rigging the mast was not a drama at all, thanks to the step by step images that you provided. Plus, it was exactly like rigging an actual vessel and makes sense.
The initial proofing images you sent via email were excellent and allowed us to make the few, small changes that you and your staff executed to perfection and with considerable speed.
Over the years we have seen others’ models and continue to marvel at your consistently high standards and wonderful attention to detail. 
We are so pleased to have ‘Tara’ on display in our living room, she is a constant source of joy for us and as you appreciate, has been a long time coming.
Hopefully, we will be back in the near future to commission her big sister-ship.”
Best regards
B. and P. H.



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Weight 52 kg